Market Forces
Last week brought the quietest week of the season for European wheat exports with less than 190,000 tonnes granted export licences. This may be an indication of import destinations having ample stocks as the new harvest nears. Good rains in the US Midwest put some downward pressure on values yet the central and southern plains are said to be still very dry. Weather is the main mover of the markets at present. Traders are also watching Russia closely and particularly for any signals that the export tax might be eliminated. A decision is not expected until May. LIFFE May lost £2.45 on the week to close at £120.50 (€166.80) while MATIF May dropped €3.50 on the week to close Friday at €190.25. The USDA April report released last Thursday was neutral for feed commodities but despite this soya bean values fell sharply to 6 month lows. Beans lost 3.4% on the week while meal was off by 5.5%. Fund money seems to be moving out of grains and into equities with many international stock indices closing at record highs.
Trident Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp 6mm
DM 89%, ME 11.1MJ/kg, Protein 8%, NDF 38%, Sugars 6.3%. (All fresh wt. basis)
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Provergo Wheat Distillers Pellets 6mm
DM 92%, Protein 32%, ME 12.6MJ/kg, Oil B 6.5%, Fibre 7.5% –all fresh wt basis
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Scottish Barley Distillers Pellets 6mm
DM 90%, Protein 23.6%, ME 11.8MJ/kg, Oil B 8.2%, Fibre 11.8% –all fresh wt basis
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